A List of frequently asked questions that... well people always ask. Have a look, but you're still welcome to ask more questions.

What programs do you use?

I use the following programs on a daily basis:

• Adobe Photoshop CC

• Adobe Illustrator CC

• Adobe InDesign CC

• Adobe Muse CC (web site design)

• Adobe Acrobat Professional CC

• Extensis Suitcase

• WYSIWYG Web Builder

• Filezilla FTP

• Microsoft Office 365

• Skype


What types of print media can you do?

• Logo design

• Brochure design

• Illustration

• Web Graphics

• Post Cards / Direct Mailers

• Stationery / Letterhead

• Business cards

• Envelopes

• Stickers / Label

• Folders / Bindersolder

• Banners

• Cards

• Menus


If it can be printed, I can put it on a substrate. If you want something that's on the list, just ask? Even if you think it can't be done, chances are someone out there in the world can print your design on it. I mean... they're just about ready to 3D print food, so there you go.


I want a web site, can you do that?

Absolutely! I enjoy making websites for small businesses, it's fun to get this world up on the web.


Can you make a website that looks like this?  <website example>

For the most part, yes! This is actually a great way to work, because it gives me a solid idea of what a client might be looking for.


I want a painting, can you make me one?

Maybe? Please look at some of my work before asking me for a commission. While I always like a challenge, certain styles are just out of my scope and it may not turn out how you'd like it to. Hey, just being honest! But if you like abstract or something similar to my style, I'd be happy to work with you!


How do I handle paying for work?

I accept cash, check, or paypal (fees apply), and now I accept credit cards. Please note that a fee for all work will have a 3% credit card fee attached, but I offer a discount for clients that wish to pay by another method. This is unfortunately a Texas state law that I can not bypass. Fortunately the fee is small and who doesn't love the speed of payment credit cards offer, right?


When do I handle paying for work?

These should be pretty self explanatory, but I'll give you the gist for each one. It's basically the total of the project broken up into segments.

Start up Fee

Start up Fee makes us both liable to get something done. When you pay out a little at the start, it shows me that you're really interested in doing the project. This also helps me pay bills/acquire any materials I might need for the project.

Mid project & we're happy with the direction Fee

Things are going well so far, and we'll arrange a mid term payment. Why? Well if you change your mind for some reason, this doesn't leave either one of us completely holding the bag. You will get the work completed up to this point, and pay for the services rendered. It's ALWAYS hopeful that this doesn't happen, but if it does we know what to expect. A more detailed version of this craziness will be explained in your contract.

I want my stuff here's money Fee

The last fee is what you pay when the job is done, you've seen the near finished work, and you want it in your hands. I guess you could call this a ransom fee to get the long awaited finished product, but it's more fun because you're receiving what you've been waiting for.


What are your rates? Can you give some examples?

The typical rate for design is $75 per hour when working on an hourly basis. I bill my time on 15 minute increments to keep small changes affordable as possible. We've all been in those situations where you need a tiny change in some type, like a typo... no need for an hour charge for something like that.


Keep in mind that any stock photography, bolt on features, or otherwise finished do-dads that are 3rd party are NOT part of my normal design charges. These will need to be purchased by you, or paid for in advance. People change their minds on things... and you can't exactly return digital media.  If you looove that $1000 image of a REALLY well taken giraffe, that's on you. I'll be happy to add it to your project though. A big thanks in advance for understanding that!


How will I receive my Files once the project is completed?

I will email you finished files of your work upon completion. Here's what it includes:

Finished .PDF, JPG, TIFF, .EPS files, or whatever the final format of your work should be.


What you can not have: My work files (Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign files, any format that is not a finished product). If you REALLY want them, I'd be happy to sell you them for a figure you're probably not going to want to pay.


Who owns the rights to all the work produced?

You do, just understand that I reserve the right to use your work for promotional purposes. (i.e. a sample might end up in my portfolio)


Can you explain your design process? What should I expect once we start?

I enjoy keeping a friendly and light hearted demeanor with my clients. Who doesn't want to have fun while they work right? Once we can get that idea engrained in everyone's heads, we're going to be off to a good start. Now that we're all happy and what not, here's how a typical design process will go. typically...yeah.


We discuss your needs

Discover the concept you're looking for. Look at some samples of things you like. What, you didn't bring in any samples? Okay we'll draw some pictures. Let me be honest here and say this: The best clients have at least some idea of what they want to do, or at least bring one starting point to work off of. Even if that's just another web site, or a business card where you say 'I like what they did here'. That's better than swimming through some foggy cloud trying to find a starting point. After all, you are making something with a purpose right? If there's no foundation behind it, should you have called me??


I make a mockup

Now that we're past that wall of text, the fun begins. I take the idea that manifested, and I turn it into something tangibleish... a mockup. Depending on the job, you'll get from one to five mockups of something.


We revise it

Sometimes you hit the nail on the head, and sometimes you hit your thumb... so this is why there's a revision stage. We take the idea I came up with and talk it over. What's good? What sucks? We keep the good and change the sucks part until it's good.


Look at revisions / Make final Changes

Things should be getting smoother at this point, maybe there's some small things we could change. Imagine this process like sanding a piece of rough wood until it's nice and smooth. We take off the big pieces and keep working it down until it's nice and baby bottom smooth.


Approve final draft

Everything looks great! You now give the awesome thumbs up and we move the draft to proper output - web, print, or wherever it's supposed to end up.


Can I tell you how awesome you are??

I work hard to make you happy. Why? Because it's much more fun than working to make you mad. That makes sense right? So, I am going to stockpile comments and post them on the 'what they say' portion of my website.


Look at it like this - if you read that someone was trustworthy, does a good job, and is fun to work with, you'd probably hire them right? Well that's what I want all my clients to read and say about me! So feel free to drop me a line and I'll get it posted.


This seems like a really long FAQ, are people still reading this?

If you read this far, I bow in your general direction... and look forward to working with you. Oh, and please let me know if you read this far...I appreciate people looking at this long page of type.