My name is Travis Willis, and I am a designer.

Well, I wasn’t always a designer.


In high school  and the first half of college I was unreservedly devoted to music. The creation of music, the performance of music, and the teaching of music all featured as the flagships of my life. Music, like most creative endeavors, requires a conceptual understanding, not only of how things are done, but also why; teaching music more than any other exercise exemplifies this maxim.


But I suppose that’s nearly the same with any creative endeavor: painting, welding, gardening, cooking, music, hell, even critical thinking entails elements of theory which, if understood and undertaken properly can mark the difference between excellence and indifference. But they also share another commonality; each of those crafts are not only hobbies that I enjoy dabbling in, but firmly centered in creative workspace. And I, more than any one of those things individually, am a creative, generally.


Design, it seems, just happens to be the realm that I choose to pursue making a living. It offers new challenge daily. It keeps the brain fresh. Every day there is no certain agenda. Every morning I begin by addressing -- what needs to be created today to pull the chains forward? Every inspiration is constant and unyielding; design doesn't stop because it's raining. Design doesn’t stop in your car on the way home from work. Design doesn’t stop right before you shut your eyes and go to sleep (although those are some of the more interesting ideas-- it still sucks to have to get up and put those thoughts on paper). It is centered in the immeasurable inner space of the mind. Design is infinite.


My style is something that has been constantly evolving since my college days. I wasn't formally trained in the visual arts in high school, but, I believe that makes little difference; as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized, if you're going to commit your life to something, you have your whole life to do that thing to the best of your ability. And so it's been - my work has improved over the years, and being able to look back on evidence of that process is simply amazing. Sometimes it’s a struggle, and sometimes it’s a slide, but everyday something progresses. Don’t take my word for it - see for yourself.


Thanks for stopping by.